This week at Joe Laws Photography

Hi Folks, Welcome to my what’s going on this week at Joe Laws Photography.

I want this to become an interesting weekly topic for you, allowing you to look inside my world and what is coming up and what we have achieved During the week.

We will focus on certain customers, competitions and inspirations that motivate and excite me.

So this week we had the results of Decembers Monthly Competitons with the Master Photographers Association of which I am a dedicated member.

There are several Groups in which I am allowed to submit images.  This Month I have won 3 Awards in the ‘Inspirers Group’ with this Image of Elena and two of her Cheerleading group. I also was given an award for this Family Image and for an Image of Jessica Porter in the Fashion Category.

Inspiriations followed in the week with our Super Hero sessions with Sue Robson bringing her son and also my good friend Geoff Mull with his son, these sessions Are so much fun so please keep your eyes open for our next session  these are suitable for the whole family over the age of 4

Our Miss Teen sessions are proving to be a big hit with the parents wanting to give their teenagers Daughters an insight to modelling and also getting the very best advice on make up and skin care from Alexandra. Nicola Ternent brought her daughter Lyza in and this is what she had to say:

“Fantastic teen photo shoot. Joe has captured my daughter, the photos are so natural and just her. From jeans and tshirt to tutu, each photo represents her so well. Now for the difficult part of choosing which ones of the photos taken to have – the decision won’t be easy.”

These sessions are so nice and we certainly have the Best time capturing these special memories

January also started off with us seeing Beautiful Babies as Holly Weatherley returned to us with her Baby Boy after us having the pleasure of capturing her bump shoot And these images were so special for them as a New Family.

Also on of my Neighbours Leighvie brought her Beautiful Daughter called Nabela and I have never seen such a Beautiful crop of Hair And she was picture perfect too!


I also Ran a Charity Event for Elena Davison who is the Dance Coach for Northumbria University Cheer Leaders. What a Fun event that was and I couldn’t help myself capturing an award winning image of her with two of her team members (pictured above). I loved the Colours and the way the lines lead you into their faces in the image.

Lorraine Woodhouse came in with her two Grand Daughters and we managed to mix her enchanted set up with a set of portraits for her as sometimes we can add that flexibility with Our Studio Bookings and she loved her special Images we created for her.

So as you can see it was a very interesting and versatile week and the diary bookings are indicating that we have some very special sessions to look forward to in the next few weeks, so stay tuned folks

Best Wishes,  Joe x