The Marriage Proposal – Natalie McKee and Graham Foley

I was beyond thrilled when Graham Foley called me to say that he wanted to propose to his lovely girlfriend Natalie McKee. 

I have known Natalie for around 7 years now and in that time we have done so many photoshoots. Natalie is a well-established model and we love to work with her.

Her relationship with Graham has been so good for her in many ways and they have both been together in my studio for some beautiful passionate images. I just couldn’t resist it when he mentioned this to me and asked if I could help.

We put a plan together and the idea was that I would contact Natalie and casually ask her when she would be available for her next photo shoot. 

I messaged her something along the lines of “Hi Natalie, when can we next get creative in the studio?” Graham and I had already picked the 3rd of June but in the interest of keeping the reason for the photoshoot secret, I gave her a few dates but heavily leaned on the 3rd of June as being the most convenient date for me and the studio. Knowing that she would say that she would ask Graham when she sees him and get back to me, I knew the 3rd of June was the date set out. We already planned that part.

As we’d done a lot of boudoir shoots with Natalie recently, I mentioned incorporating something other than boudoir and asked her to bring a nice dress with her on the day. The second of Graham and I’s plans are set in place.

The 3rd of June finally rolls around and we asked Natalie if Alexandra could do some videoing of some behind-the-scenes content for my Instagram feed and Facebook page. Partially true but also just so it wouldn’t have come as a surprise when we just randomly started recording her for her proposal reaction video. 

The photoshoot went just as smooth as it always does with Natalie and Graham. At the end of the session, Graham, as planned, waited just out of her sight until he got the nod. He jumped into the scene and got down with the ring and asked that all-important question. As surprised as Natalie was, we weren’t surprised with a classic Natalie reaction (You can see the video on her Instagram here).

We were all emotional and we were thrilled for them both, but honestly what an absolute pleasure and privilege as a photographer to know that people like Natalie and Graham think so highly of us that this is now and always such a very special Studio.



I hope you love the series of images of how the proposal unfolded and these images will be the best possible way for them to cherish every moment.

Big Hugs,

Joe xx