Talent Spotting

One of my greatest strengths as a professional is that I have always been good at talent spotting. In my career as a judo coach as well as in the world of photography. 

I shot a set of images for the wonderful Elena Davidson for her Dance and Cheerleading Group at Northumbria University here in my studio and noticed one of the dancers Hattie Joynes

I just thought she had such a great look, we had a conversation. I asked Hattie about her thoughts on modelling and she said she would love to do a session.

This first session was a sitting for my camera club. One of the participants in my camera club asked if we could shoot something from the 60’s or 70’s. I got in touch with Hattie and we had a chat about what sort of fashion pieces she already had in her wardrobe and she put together a fashion set that was perfect for what we needed.

As always, Alexandra came up with the perfect look for the theme of the photoshoot with her hair and makeup! 


This was my first solo shoot with Hattie and I cannot wait until our next session of creativity.

I can’t wait to see what we come up with next!

Stay tuned! 


Joe xx