Countdown to reopening

Countdown to reopening

Countdown to Reopening

The countdown is on, the Summer of Love at Joe Laws Photography is coming, ready and waiting for our official reopening date, 1st July

It finally looks like things are improving in the world. I have certainly been keeping myself busy planning ahead and keeping my focus on creativity, positive vibes and most importantly getting back to what we do best.

We have decided to start our bright future by celebrating the love for our children and creating some beautiful enchanted images in the stunning summer collection, it looks so magical. To add to this, we have been working hard on creating new dresses symbolising the soft beautiful colours of the rainbow to remind us of this period of our lives, where we all needed hope and all came together as one to support our NHS.

enchanted, reopening

An Enchanted Session from our Winter Collection – the Summer is set to be even more exciting and magical

I honestly can’t wait to get back into the beautiful setting and capture stunning images for you!

Superheroes too, they will be swinging their way through the rubble as again! For me, this time has been a firm reminder about how amazing and resilient our children are! So lets smash that and symbolise their strength! Remember, the superhero set isn’t just for the children, there is nothing more special than to include mams and dads too, we’re all superheroes! The superhero set is incredible and it’s waiting for you!

reopening superhero

Dads love the Superhero set!

Families and portraiture! Well we all know the importance of family, now more than ever and we expect a flood of requests for these special photo shoots and to create special memories during July and August.

family portraits, reopening

Family Portraits are a memory to last a lifetime

The studio is geared up and ready for reopening, plans made for effective social distancing and all hygiene measures are in place so there are no worries at all for you. We only want you to feel positive and excited about getting something that is more important than anything else, the experience and creating memories to share and cherish.

Some serious thoughts and considerations have been put in place about the reopening date and i was thrilled to see a comment from someone saying how refreshing it was to see a business putting its clients first! This is the way that I have always done things and that won’t change.

But a change is going to come!

But its a change for the better, only in the way we operate our business at Joe Laws Photography, as we aim to get even better and want to be offering our clients clearer and easier ways to getting those beautiful images for their walls at home

I know that people will now realise how important a family portrait image is for them to display on their walls at home and how important three generational images are to us with our parents and grandparents; creative images of our children and our pets, it really has driven us to fully understand the importance as I believe, and I always have, that without our photographs we have nothing!

In order for us to support our clients more we are offering 0% finance to buy their photographs in prints, frames and digital files, so for example if something was £600.00 you could take this away for £100.00 each month with 6 payments.

We really want people to get what they want with the best possible method available to them as we all have uncertainties regarding what we can afford after this, pandemic but we really want to help you achieve your goals!

Get yourself booked in ready for our reopening. I can’t wait to meet you!



The Summer of Love

The Summer of Love

The Summer of Love

Listen to Joe talk about the amazing up & coming Summer of Love

The Summer of Love carries such a powerful message of hope! It really is a reality check and an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the very thing we love more than anything else! Our children, our brothers and sisters, our parents and grandparents. Even our pets are priceless to us.

Let’s celebrate in every way we can. In the studio, capturing special moments of the beauty in our children in the magical enchanted forest. It is truly is the most special way to capture our children like nothing else can compare.

Let us make you feel like the very best version of yourself with a makeover for you and your mother or for you and your daughter. Even better still, encompass the 3 generations.of females in your family in one photo shoot.

It is all possible here at the studio, the empowerment of women is something that makes us feel fantastic, so think about how exciting this could be for you!. Think about my boudoir shoots and vintage rock and roll glamour sessions. They are so personal and designed to make the very best version of you!

The Summer Of Love also carries a vision that you can plant inside yourself. You can visualise it, how the end result will look and how it will give you something very positive to look forward to. As soon as the UK Government give us the green light we will be there like a (camera) flash!

In these uncertain times we are all feeling the strain of being apart from our families and loved ones, Try not to dwell on the negatives of the situation, give yourself something amazing to look forward to, let your natural instinct push you forward and Make a Booking with us now !

Your sitting fee is £25.00 as always but the interesting part here is that I will donate £5.00 for every booking we take between now and the end of May 2020. That’s a 20% donation for every booking taken, just to Show how much we appreciate our NHS. I personally promise that donations will be given directly to Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust hospitals so it stays in our region.

The Summer of Love! So many Ways to Get Inspired.

Personally, I just cant wait to meet you all!

Joe xx