The Summer of Love

The Summer of Love

The Summer of Love

Listen to Joe talk about the amazing up & coming Summer of Love

The Summer of Love carries such a powerful message of hope! It really is a reality check and an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the very thing we love more than anything else! Our children, our brothers and sisters, our parents and grandparents. Even our pets are priceless to us.

Let’s celebrate in every way we can. In the studio, capturing special moments of the beauty in our children in the magical enchanted forest. It is truly is the most special way to capture our children like nothing else can compare.

Let us make you feel like the very best version of yourself with a makeover for you and your mother or for you and your daughter. Even better still, encompass the 3 generations.of females in your family in one photo shoot.

It is all possible here at the studio, the empowerment of women is something that makes us feel fantastic, so think about how exciting this could be for you!. Think about my boudoir shoots and vintage rock and roll glamour sessions. They are so personal and designed to make the very best version of you!

The Summer Of Love also carries a vision that you can plant inside yourself. You can visualise it, how the end result will look and how it will give you something very positive to look forward to. As soon as the UK Government give us the green light we will be there like a (camera) flash!

In these uncertain times we are all feeling the strain of being apart from our families and loved ones, Try not to dwell on the negatives of the situation, give yourself something amazing to look forward to, let your natural instinct push you forward and Make a Booking with us now !

Your sitting fee is £25.00 as always but the interesting part here is that I will donate £5.00 for every booking we take between now and the end of May 2020. That’s a 20% donation for every booking taken, just to Show how much we appreciate our NHS. I personally promise that donations will be given directly to Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust hospitals so it stays in our region.

The Summer of Love! So many Ways to Get Inspired.

Personally, I just cant wait to meet you all!

Joe xx

My first ever blog post!

My first ever blog post!


 It gives me the greatest sense of pleasure and pride to write my first blog that welcomes you in with open arms. These blogs will all become very real by relating to human stories as they unfold in my studio and out on location.

My Studio

 My Studio is so special to me as some of you will know that I was born in the bedroom above my studio and the Enchanted Studio is where my father built a Fishing Boat that was to be the First Fibre Glass Boat to be moored on the River Coquet in Amble Harbour.

 Furthermore he hand crafted the Mahogany Panels every Night for 3 Years in the Cellar Studio which is where we now do our specialist Make Overs and Boudoir sessions, so you can begin to sense my pride and sense of belonging.

 My Studio Walls are decorated with Beautiful Portraits of some of the the Wonderful People and Pets I get to meet and they have inspired me to elaborate their stories to my Clients, But No More So Than the Beautiful Portrait of my Mam on One wall and my Grand Son on the Other. these Images make me smile and really appreciate Life as I firmly believe that without our Photographs of the Ones we Love, we have nothing !



My Blog Plans

 My Blog  will showcase the wide variety of clients on a weekly visitors Page that should be really Interesting. My Next Blog will be about my Journey with Rebecca Gormley well known as Miss Newcastle, a Miss England Finalist and for her part in the recent Love Island series.

Updates will appear regularly on our Specialist Enchanted Fairies, Super Heroes, Vintage Pinups and Many More amazing Photographic Experiences.

So keep a look out for whats going on at Joe Laws Photography. 


My Awards

 I am currently qualified as an Associate Member of the ( Master Photography Association )

 To achieve this I was required to create a Panel of 20 Images of a certain theme and for this I chose creative Portraiture



Hope  you love the Panel.

I am so looking forward to creating some interesting posts for you !