Sharelle Greenwood: Model & Friend

What an absolute pleasure it has been getting to know Sharelle Greenwood. Sharelle’s time in Newcastle has sadly come to an end and she has decided to move back to Norwich. We have been on such a journey together and if any young aspiring models are out there reading this, you will be surprised at how she can create a look and a style herself, always managing to fit my vision.

Sharelle and I now have an unbreakable friendship, formed purely through the trust we have in one another. We’ve inspired each other along the way and I truly believe that she has helped me with my development behind the camera and my use of lighting in and out of the studio.

Sharelle is a true chameleon of a model, she can do her makeup and hair beautifully if needed but is always up for having new looks created professionally by Alexandra in the studio.

To date, we have shot around 16 sessions and I am so excited to be taking you through each one and showing you my favourite photographs to come out of each session. But before I get into each session, I would like to take the time to thank Sharelle for lighting up my studio. I can’t wait to visit you in Norwich and for you to come back to visit Newcastle to light up the studio once again.

This session in the studio was all about the Master Photographers Association’s Head Shot Week. This was exciting as it was an educational tutorial piece that I delivered to an audience of professional photographers. This set was a high-key set shot on a white background. I love them!  We also shot a set of photographs which were on a dark background too.

This set was shot with one of my lighting tutorial groups. We all loved the set. We looked at several different modifiers to demonstrate how to create subtle but different looks for Sharelle.

Our first boudoir portraiture session was incredible. We were both extremely inspired by the direction that we were going in. Sharelle’s hair and makeup were done by Alexandra for this one and I loved it.

Our next set was all focused on looking at gels and colours to emphasise how to create a different dimension to impact portraiture. I think we hit the mark with the goal for this one.

Our next set was for a clothing brand. Sharelle is a successful model and is often sent clothes to model. She is so at ease doing this kind of photoshoot.  

This next session quickly became my favourite up to this point. Sharelle looked amazing. Her hairstyle was fab and the denim was perfect.  

This session was about getting creative with my Lighting Group and using rope and different lighting techniques for fashion photography

Going out on location with Sharelle was so much fun. We went around Newcastle University to shoot this set. The lighting was a huge challenge on this one as it was an incredibly dull day, despite this, I think we did a great job.

What a stunningly inspiring set of images. Ever the professional, Sharelle was completely in the zone. I don’t really have anything to say about these images other than WOW.

This set was inspired by the Queens Platinum Jubilee

I’ve had people view Sharelle Greenwood’s photos and comment that she looks completely different in all of her photos. As I mentioned earlier, Sharelle is a perfect chameleon! We shot this fabulous set on the staircase in my studio. I think she looks like a young Jennifer Lopez!

This set was a Fashion Brand shoot and it gave Sharelle and I another fantastic opportunity to get out on location and have fun.

Our last session in the studio for a while, and it turned out amazing. A fabulous creative set with My Camera Club and a lighting tutorial. We certainly ramped it up in this set.  

Another camera club session with Sharelle, this time split between the studio and out on location. It was a very hot day this day and almost felt like the set had a bit of a cuban vibe to it. 

What an amazing way to conclude our time together. I loved this session, out on location again, set within our amazing City Walls and amongst our heritage to complete an amazing fashion photoshoot.

As you can probably tell from the collection of images, I have had the best time photographing Sharelle, she really is a very special model and I am thrilled to now call her a very special friend. Alexandra and I would be overjoyed to welcome her at Joe Law’s Photography whenever she visits Newcastle.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at this special set of images, we certainly enjoyed creating them


Joe x