Giving Back to Key Workers and NHS

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I am so excited to be able to keep my promise to the NHS staff that were successfully nominated by my clients.

As you may recall way back when this pandemic was at its highest point and we were all looking for hope and inspiration we all turned to NHS and as a nation.

We were all at the mercy of this horrendous virus and yet the NHS staff showed us all their commitment towards fighting this and putting themselves at risk to protect us at all costs!

As most of you know I am a very compassionate person and I am always inspired by people and as the nation were all wanting to support our NHS, I decided that I wanted to do something on behalf of my clients and my studio and give them something that I believe is the most special gift imaginable and this was to offer ten enchanted photo shoots of their children and this would be done by inviting my clients the opportunity to nominate people they know who were on the front line at all levels and unselfishly having to go to work every day facing heartache, death, viral diseases and supporting families in every way possible.

My gesture was to void a £25.00 sitting fee and provide them with 5 prints worth £195.00 in total that works out for us to give away £2200.00, but in theory it is nothing in terms of how magnificent they have been, and they were the one thing that we all looked to for comfort and support.

I personally know that one of my friends completely owed his life to them as he was in a serious situation and we expected the worst but watching the emotions of his family going from compete despair to tears of celebrating him coming home is worth every penny for that one story alone and there has been numerous other stories and reasons why you nominated these wonderful winners.

So to add more to this gesture I turned to my dearest friend Kathryn Russell for support as she also owes a debt of gratitude to the NHS for her own personal reasons and between us we came up with the idea and prospect of creating a set of rainbow dresses that would symbolise hope, support, love and a new beginning!

These dresses are incredible as she has made 5 dresses that are completely unique to themselves with a different style to each one and beautiful rainbow pastel colours running through each one.

Kathryn has added an amazing 110 meters of additional fabric and hand crafted the majority of the flowers that sit beneath and in between the layers.

On a personal note as I mentioned earlier I am a very humble person and when I was told I could open my studio I felt it necessary to invite our winners in first and stagger them over several days which would allow me time to steam clean the dresses and costumes after each shoot as this will be the way forward for a while, but I am thrilled and when I spoke to the first of the winners I couldn’t hide my emotions as everything became a reality for me regarding what we have created.

Here are some images of work in progress and a look at our beautiful set.

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