New Dresses for a New Year

So strictly it isn’t New Year but here at Joe Laws Photography, Sunday 11th April will feel like New Years Eve. We are so excited to announce that we will be opening up on the 12th of April and more to the point we are so excited to be able to introduce a New Series of Enchanted Fairy Dresses that have been designed and created by the very special Kathryn Russell.

The new dresses are called Diameade and they have been inspired by a very special dress previously designed by Kathryn which was created a few years back.  I was blown away with the sheer volume of fabric and the detail that went into the making of this dress and how it looked.  I was always inspired by this and I knew that one day I wanted to include this style into our amazing selection of dresses which unsuprisingly have all been designed and made by Kathryn.

new dress

The inspiration for the new dresses.

As you can recall after our earliest lockdowns our nation owed a gratitude of bebt to the NHS Staff who time and time again unselfishly put themselves forward on the front line to protect us and the colours of the rainbow were the major influence behind the set of dresses Kathryn created for us and so many children and hospital staff were all overcome with the emotions of this as we all clung on to hope!

This Time it’s all about the volume,  (I’m talking fabric volume) as I want these dresses to reflect a future full of volume in every sense of the word. They will be in an assortment of colours, Lilac and White, Pink and White and Mint Green and White combined with a beautiful bodice and floral crown to match them.

My experiences from shooting our beautiful Enchanted sessions completely reflects the passion and the excitement from the Mothers and daughters walking into the Enchanted Forest and selecting a Dress that completely Inspires them as this is such an emotional  art of what we do and telling them that Loolabelle our Fairy has created these Dresses Especially for them, well this is close to the truth as Kathryn Russell is truly magical and one of the most kindest and sincere people I have had the pleasure to meet. Her love for Fairies has inspired her since she herself was a little girl so you can imagine her passion for creating these dresses!

So basically, these dresses will not simply manufactured they will be hand made with love and passion and embraced by a vision for a future that is brimming over and full of promise and filled with love!

I hope this story inspires you and provides you with an inside view of our thought processes and where the seeds are planted in our visions to provide the very best service to you all to create something that is very special and full of emotional content !

Kathryn’s Plans

Yours Sincerely

Joe xx