My Camera Club

I am thrilled that I can pass information and assist two separate groups of photographers each month, I operate two camera clubs each month here in the studio at Joe Laws Photography, one for adults and I have the privilege of having created a Junior Camera Club that meet once each month on a Sunday.

I am so inspired by both of these groups and the feedback I have been given speaks volumes to me in regards to my passion, drive and creativity. Being able to provide tutorials using some of my favourite models is really something that is very special to me.

The purpose of my camera clubs from the offset was to have regular access to a small group of photographers where we can grow together through encouragement, in an environment where it is safe to ask questions. Being a small group allows us all to take the time to fully understand the brief and get the maximum opportunities to capture all of the inspirational images

I have been so happy with the groups and especially with the younger members of my Junior Camera Club. They are such an inspiration to me as their flair and their eye for an objective is pretty special.

I thought I would share some of my personal favourites with you to view and also some of the comments from my members.

You are an amazing photographer Joe & a real inspiration, love your work & always enjoy your tutorial training

Zoe Campbell

Speaking, as someone who has only just recently re-entered the world of photography, I would like to say that you (Joe Laws) have been a huge source of inspiration in regard to my on going journey towards understanding digital photography. Although my main areas of interest lie elsewhere, I appreciate that formal studio photography forms a vital part of the medium and Joe has made this an entertaining as well as a highly instructional experience. Thanks a million.

Geoff Bell

Due to circumstances beyond my control (COVID-19), the studio has been temporarily closed and the camera club is currently on hold.

I thoroughly enjoy the tutorial sessions, especially as the studio is not my natural habitat. The choice of model is always excellent and there is then the opportunity to produce such a creative image. I assume that because of the most recent government guidance the session scheduled for Sunday has now been postponed? A pity because Jade looks to be an exceptional model but looking forward to when we can congregate again. Take care everyone

Nick Dent

I am so looking forward to the day when I can reconvene with my amazing camera clubs and there is space for new members if this is something you are interested in.

Let me know if you would like to be added to my groups to gain access in the future.