Miss Universe GB – Jade

miss universe gb jade

I am delighted to announce that I will be sponsoring and supporting Jade Bambrough on her venture as a contestant in the finals of Miss Universe GB. 

The decision to support and sponsor Jade was an easy decision for me, we’ve done many photoshoots together now. She is genuine and I trust her completely in our photo shoot sessions. The photos we have shot so far have been fabulous! 

Much like when I supported Rebecca Gormley throughout her journey in the Miss England contest, when Jade asked I didn’t even hesitate. She is such a lovely girl! 

I know how much this support and sponsorship means to Jade, purely from how thrilled she was in her reaction when I called her to tell her it would be my absolute pleasure to help her out! 

miss universe gb jade
miss universe gb

I love working with people like Jade. She is a naturally beautiful girl inside and out. I cannot wait to get Jade into the studio again and to organise some photographic sessions. There are lots of opportunities for creative and special photos. We have a great understanding of eachother and I cannot wait to see what this brings. 

Watch this space! 

Lots of Love

Joe x