Jess Templeton – Return of the Special One

I am excited that Jess will be returning to the North East next week!

I have long been inspired by Jess Templeton, from the moment we met I knew she had star quality written all over her and watching her growth and development has been fascinating.

Her videos on her Instagram page are on a completely different level and to think she has made it clear she would love to shoot with me whilst she is away on her weeks holiday, so already the wheels of creativity are flying around thinking about what, when and why!

I always love to plan my sessions and have a solid base, an idea about the photo shoot. I like to have something visual in my head and then I try my best to lay it out as I think it should be to bring that vision to life

Looking back at the sessions we have done over the years; I have loved them all. Jess is such a versatile dancer and person to photograph. The time we shot a set in the enchanted forest was mind blowing as she brought the set to a new level as just looked so elegantly beautiful. Jess makes it apparent that she does her homework and knows exactly what she wants from the set.

Our location sets have been special too, from jumping through corn fields to leaping on top of the Castle Keep, the detail and her understanding has been so inspiring to me as she knows her angles, lines and execution of each image.

Really looking forward to catching up with her mam too as Jayne is so funny. I also love my time with her too. Jayne, as a former professional ice skater she has a great understanding of what we are trying to achieve in our sessions.

Feeling very excited about moving forward to a new set of photographs with Jess!