Inspiration from the inspiring nhs

If you can recall in the early stages of the COVID pandemic the nation was on its knees, we were all praying for miracles and were in desperate search of inspiration. We were looking for guidance and some hope. That guidance and hope didn’t come from our government, but it came in an abundance from the NHS. They were the beacon of hope we needed and as the support grew, we were all out there on the Thursday nights banging our pots and pans, raising the roof for our NHS staff who put themselves on the frontline night and day. Our love and support for them grew every day. We relied on them so much as they were a true inspiration.

There were lots of people doing initiatives and opportunities of support to the NHS funds but I didn’t want to do that as I wanted to support  and recognise those workers who were real people and I wanted my customers to nominate someone they respected.

The reason for this is that I wanted to donate not one but ten enchanted fairy photographic experiences as I thought this would be something beautiful and morale boosting as I know how emotional and life lasting these sessions are at first hand.

We were thrilled at the amount of nominations that came in and we eventually managed to find our ten winners! But there was so much more than that on offer in the planning of this experience. My dearest friend Kathryn Russell agreed to create a set of stunning dresses that would represent the colours of the rainbow, symbolising hope, love and a new called beginning.

Kathryn unselfishly worked many long hours even in the early sketching periods sending me her ideas and it was amazing to see how this developed and eventually into reality as she had created something beyond all of my expectations and something that made me cry.

Kathryn herself said she owed a huge debt of gratitude to the NHS as they helped her through a very difficult period of her life, and she is also truly thankful to them and this is also her way of saying thank you to them.

I recall speaking to the first winner of the prize to explain we were eventually allowed to open, and we were to agree a time, but I was completely overcome with emotions and I couldn’t speak and had to hang up as the reality of what we were doing, the thought behind it, the beautiful children that were about to come into the studio, the dresses and so much more

But I tell you what. I am so proud of what my studio has accomplished as the children have now (bar one) all been in and as predicted there were some beautiful children that came into the studio but what gave me so much inspiration was how humble the parents were, and this is something that will live with me and it fills me with pride.

We have established and completed our objectives and the winners have chosen their images and they have left me some amazing reviews regarding their visit to the studio. We are so grateful for all they have done and I will continue to support the incredible NHS workers through this current crisis and beyond. We are now in the process of going back through the list of those candidates that were nominated by my clients and seeing which other deserving key workers we can invite In for one of our magical sessions

From myself, Alexandra, Kathryn and Loolabelle we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible by nominating their friends and following the posts and helping to make dreams come true.

Cheers Joe