Highly Commended

 I am delighted to have been highly commended with the Master Photographers Association with four of my images. As I have mentioned before, the Master Photographers Association is the governing body in the industry and I am thrilled to be associated with them.

To be highly commended for one image is an achievement, but to be commended for four is just fab!

  Toby with a gramophone

Here is a beautiful image of a clients dog. The dog is called Toby and he came in with his owner last week. I had to take the opportunity with Toby’s breed to use the HMV gramophone to capture that timeless original image.

Rebecca Gormley  

The beautiful Rebecca Gormley

 This black and white image of Rebecca Gormley is one of my very own personal favourites of her. I love the tones!

father and son highly commended 

Father & Son

This Father and Son image is such a fantastic example of the proud Dad moment. His pride shines through!

wedding image highly commended

This was such a beautiful wedding image. The wedding shot at a venue along the Military Road on a beautiful sunny day. I always look for creative Ideas on wedding locations and this huge tyre was perfect!

But yes, thrilled with these results!

Joe x