A special engagement photoshoot

Engagement photoshoots are quite common, couples get engaged and then come for a photoshoot to document it after the event. But what a pleasant surprise I got when Dan called me to book a 1950’s Photo Shoot, But this wasn’t going to be my usual vintage shoot. Dan was going to propose to Kayleigh during the session in my studio.

In the weeks leading up to the day, we devised a plan of action. Kayleigh would come to the studio thinking that she would be here for a normal styled photoshoot. Kayleigh was styled to perfection by Alexandra with a stunning makeup look. Her dresses were also perfect to go with the day. 

The plan we put together worked to perfection. They arrived and we had our usual greeting sessions and told them that we would love to get creative with their images.

And shooting using a few different backdrops and I ask Kayleigh if she minded if I could do some little videos for  a promotion we were doing and she wholeheartedly agreed. I have to say Dan was so funny in the videoclips

The session was perfect and as planned we asked if we could shoot a few images at the end with a brand new backdrop that which had nothing to do with the 1950’s.

The plan was set and when they came back upstairs we photographed them and as she turned around to speak to Alexandra, Dan was down on one knee.

We captured some beautiful priceless moments as she said YES 

What a pleasure and what a privilege for us to be able to do this for them as they are a wonderful couple and are so well matched.

Love a Good Love Story !


Joe xx