Enchanted Model Photoshoot

On many occasions, we get to meet people who excite us and this was certainly the case when I got a request from Krystle, who we’re now calling the Enchanted Model. She contacted me through Instagram to inform me that she was travelling to the UK from the Bahamas, where she comes from.

She told me that while she was in Newcastle she wanted to do a photoshoot. She mentioned that she thought my website was the best one that she had looked at with beautiful images in all of the sections, but she was especially drawn to the Enchanted Fairies set.

I thought this was really inspiring as she could have so easily done a boudoir or fashion shoot but she just loved the idea of having something different for her portfolio. Something which has magic and fantasy all rolled into one.  

Once we had decided on the best date and time for her, we welcomed her into the studio. Our first reaction was that she was a naturally beautiful young lady, she had such a lovely manner about her. We were impressed by the way she conducted herself. We chatted and Alexandra and I were both enamoured by her stories about her home life. Alexandra was lucky enough to spend a large part of her childhood growing up in the Bahamas too. It was lovely to chat with her and hear these stories

We had a good chat about why she was in Newcastle and what her visions were for this photoshoot and we were completely hit with inspiration. As you know we love to get creative and I knew this Enchanted model photoshoot would be right up there. I knew it would give me the perfect opportunity to showcase that our Enchanted Forest really is perfect for anybody and everybody.

So once we had decided on which of our handcrafted Enchanted dresses (created by the talented Kathryn Russell) Krystle would wear. Then Alexandra could get to work to create a beautiful flawless makeover. This created the perfect vision which came to life!

I always try to explain this but it’s just magical when the vision I have in my head comes out perfectly on camera. This was one of those occasions. We certainly weren’t disappointed as everything came together as a perfect fit. Most importantly Krystle was blown away by the images of the perfect Enchanted Model as we played her a slideshow of the images

Sometimes as a photographer, it can be easy to fall into that category of repetitiveness in what you do. But I’m glad to say I am not one of those people,as this was a set full of inspirational creativity. It allowed the three of us to challenge ourselves, but that feeling of giving the customer exactly what they wanted and more is something that we really pride ourselves on here at Joe Laws Photography Studio.

I hope you like the images and it’s brilliant to see the Enchanted Fairy Set is perfect for everyone!

Cheers Joe