Empowering Through Boudoir

Clients who come to us for Boudoir photography always come to us with the most incredibly personal stories. Reasons why they want to feel empowered in their bodies. Whether its a marriage or relationship breakdown, turning a special age or even after another turning point in their life. 

We recently had Vikki in the studio. Vikki is an incredible woman with a wonderful story to tell and we had the most moving experience with her during her photo shoot. 

Vikki’s story in her own words. 

During my life, I have always been overweight. I lived in a household where everyone was “fat”, it was “normal”. When I was 14, I joined a slimming club, loosing around 6 stone. By the time I was 17, I had but it all back on with some additional weight. Fast forward to age 23, I joined a slimming club again, loosing 4 stone, however, again, regained the weight and put more on. I reached 400lbs (28 stone 7 pound). I saw a friends Facebook story, who had previously been with a Personal Trainer offering a 5-day free kickstart. After completing this, I signed up with the online coach.

At the beginning of 2022, my mental health plummeted, leaving me at a complete loss. I had lost 120lbs at this point and I felt the lowest I had in my life. I left my coach and began gaining confidence on my own, allowing myself to see I wouldn’t put the weight back on like before. I had signed up to compete in a Truck Pull competition in July 2022 and needed coaching to give myself the best opportunity of doing well. I joined my current coach in May 2022 and haven’t looked back.

My life has gone from strength to strength. I gained substantial knowledge during my Psychology degree and through applying new habits, routines and structure. Reflecting on every situation and tool has lead me to where I am now and hope to support others along their journeys too!

I have achieved far beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I was terrified of heights but pushed my mind to do a bungee jump and a 250ft freefall. I climbed the highest mountain in Scotland and Wales and have spent lots of days out visiting waterfalls. I learned that life is for living. The only moment we have is now.  

I have never felt pretty or feminine in my life. Doing the shoot was a huge thing outside my comfort zone. I was very scared and anxious about having a shoot. My body has changed a lot but still isn’t what you see on magazine covers. 

Joe phoned the week before my shoot to get to know me and what the purpose of the shoot was about. He made me feel at ease and excited to see what he could produce. 

When I entered the studio I was greeted my smiley faces and a relaxed atmosphere.  After sitting down and chatting, I had my hair and make up done. The whole experience was amazing. They really help you feel empowers and at ease. 

After changing in to my lingerie,  I was feeling very nervous. Again, they made me feel at ease, explaining what different things were for. The posing was certainly helpful and the attention to detail was amazing. 

The shoot has allowed me to feel more confident in my goals and to continue to strive to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Joe really catered my internal beauty in these photos and just how far I’ve come on my journey. I cant wait to see how much further I can go. Thank you so much! I will definitely be back.

Words from Joe

When I first had a conversation with Vikki, she told me that she had never felt pretty before and that the concept of a boudoir photoshoot absolutely terrified her. It is heart-warming to hear how Alexandra and I managed to turn that fear into such a wonderful and empowering experience for her. Vikki has kindly given us permission to share her powerful story and her photographs and we think she is amazing for allowing us to share such a personal experience with you all.  She is thrilled with her photographs and hopefully she can now see what we all see on the photos, an empowered beautiful strong woman.


Joe x