Capturing Images of People is something that has always inspired me.

People of all shapes and sizes are something that has always excited me and capturing special moments is something that me and my customers love.

For me, photography is all about getting the connections right as the light that we photographers paint onto our subjects is a huge part of the customer journey. It is the way light falls onto our subjects that help them stand out and look beautiful as you can see in these images from two customers funnily enough who are both called Holly. 


They have both returned recently to have Maternity Images shot by us as this is another chapter in their lives and another topic that we love to shoot.

You can see the difference in lighting styles as the fashion shoot is bright and all about the clothing and body shape and the Latin Dance Vibe is all about the drama and then the bump shoot is all about the emotional concept of what are life changing moments and life lasting images that capture something so very special and so very very personal.


So with this in mind, may we wish you have yourselves a ‘Bump’er Christmas and if you have a Bump arriving in the New Year then why dont you come along to our  Photographic Studio in Newburn and allow us to capture the special moments in your life as we cant wait to meet the babies.

Best Wishes,

Joe xx