This Week at Joe Laws Photography

What an extraordinary week I’ve had this week at Joe Laws Photography! Such a diverse range of images and photo shoots have been created.


We Photographed a Peaky Blinders themed wedding, there was a lovely family photo shoot, we have had five different pet photo shoots, a beautiful Set of twin babies and then to top all that off, the lovely Keira Birkett came in and modelled for my Camera Club Lighting Tutorial.


Rebecca Rochester brought Daisy in for her 16th Birthday.

I was gifted a Pet Photo shoot for Christmas off a friend and the venue was Joe’s Studio.

Daisy received a pre-shoot email with more information about the day and studio, this was very welcoming and put a massive smile on my face.

This was my first time doing anything like this with my cat but Joe was really reassuring pre, post and during shoot doing what he could to make myself and Daisy feel comfortable.

I selected my favourite photos before leaving and can’t wait to pick up my prints.

A very talented man!

Rebecca Rochester

Amy Patterson brought Lexi into the Enchanted Winter Set this week, huskies look so good in the enchanted set and Lexi was extra special due to her brown eyes and unique colouring.

Lexi the husky in the enchanted set. a week at joe laws photography

Lexi’s colouring makes her extra special

Faye brought in the lovely Benito! Benito was rescued from Cyprus! He’s a stunning little dog who was certainly at home. Its wonderful to see that people are prepared to give these dogs a new life and so I take my hat off to Faye!

Benito, rescue dog. a week in the studio at Joe Laws

Benito! How stunning is he?

Then in Came Roobarb and Custard strutting their stuff and they were so cute together.

roobarb and custard, shihtzu photography, week at Joe Laws

The captivating Roobarb and Custard

Children, Twins and the last of the Winter Enchanted Set for this year!

Its always a pleasure having children in the studio and Sarah Dixon’s children looked adorable together and so did the twins, It really is so heartwarming being able to give parents beautiful images of their children as our kids are everything to us. It is always my goal to create something special for them.

This last week also brought the last of this year’s Winter Enchanted Fairies and Shelly Scott brought her girls in and I will be writing a blog about her session this week.

Special Thanks also to Helen Dewar Walsh for bringing her two girls in, these sessions really are so inspiring and such a specialist way of bringing the best out of children.

The curtain came down on the Winter enchanted fairies set with Jayne Chilton Having Three Beautifully Framed Images of her Grand Daughters.

What a week it has been with the lovely Keira Birkett from Elaine Melbourne Performing Arts School coming in to model for me for my Camera Club Lighting Tutorial.

I have Known Keira for a Long Time and ive photographed
her now on many occasions watch out for the Blogg Following about her shoot
with us.

Keira Birkett

Have a Great week ahead and see you all soon !