A Splash of Colour

Our first creative session of the year was on a dark and gloomy day in January and I thought if we can’t brighten up what’s outside then let us brighten the studio up with a splash of colour.

So I had this roll of yellow background paper and we also had some fabrics from a while back too and so the basis of a plan began to formalise!

So in the Studio we had the pleasure of having Benny (Benedicta V) with us for the day. Benny and I have been shooting together for over 7 years and she certainly is one of the nicest people I know. She is completely inspiring and she has her own special sprinkling of magic as a professional dancer and one of my favourite models too.

Benny is currently touring the UK with Ballet Lorent In the production of the Lost Happy Endings.


Then if we take Alexandra into the equation  with her own creative flair for producing beautiful colour combinations with her Arbonne Make Up, we have three very talented, creative people who can conjure up all kinds. As you will have read from my previous blogs, you know how much I love my Elinchrom Lights and modifiers for creating drama. Not forgetting my CanonR5 (OMG don’t get me started on how good this camera really is).

So looking at the fabrics and backdrop, we felt we needed to utilise some small blossom flowers in her hair and I just happened to have some beautiful orange and yellow flowers that helped to create an impact and this was our starting point to build upon.

So the session began with some dance shapes from Benny and then this expanded with me cutting through the paper with a bread knife that made a jaggered edge for me to pop through to introduce myself for a video story (points if you caught it on my instagram) and then we handed that over to Benny who done a far better job than myself coming through the Backdrop so elegantly.

Once she had came through we decided to be a Bit more destructive with the set and create rolls on the Floor to add depth to the set !

We love our creative days as sometimes you can have a Master Plan and then sometimes you just add a splash of colour to it and roll with it as the creativity flows.

I love these creative days as it also provides me with an opportunity to experiment with the lighting and the posing as this also allows me an understanding of my craft and trade as a professional photographer and working with Alexandra creates a great bond of understanding between us and this has a direct influence upon our chosen models that we love to work with.

I hope you have enjoyed this story and I will be adding these much more regularly so stay tuned.

Cheers Joe x